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putting greensFrom putting greens in warmer weather to indoor putting greens during the winter months, golf aficionados in the area have experienced the pristine quality of synthetic turf and artificial grass.  Once used exclusively for golf greens, that very same artificial grass is branching out and becoming the surface of choice for a variety of residential and commercial applications.  Whether you’re seeking a perfectly manicured lawn year-round or grass for common areas on college campuses, in parks, office complexes, and more, it’s a big world out there beyond the golf greens and Southwest Greens of Virginia is prepared to green it up a bit.

Indoor Putting GreensMany golf fans in the area have taken the step of adding backyard putting greens to their homes, but now we’re taking on the entire backyard.  A lawn made from artificial grass offers a flawless look year-round.  Imagine your yard at a level of perfection 365 days a year.  Now imagine not having to lift a finger to make it so.  Artificial grass requires no maintenance whatsoever, meaning those long weekend days spent in the yard will soon be a thing of the past.  Use your weekend time instead for something fun and relaxing, knowing all the while that when you get home your yard will be as breathtaking as when you left.

Can your commercial entity benefit from a landscaping design that incorporates artificial grass?  Absolutely!  Think of the pristine look of a neighborhood park or an office complex you frequent.  Now imagine being in charging of their upkeep, and knowing there was a way to do so with no maintenance at all.  With artificial grass the need for mowing or costly lawn maintenance instantly fades away.  And whether your application is residential or commercial, the fact that it needn’t be watered means you’ll be making money in the form of lower water bills.

From a typical backyard to the larger areas of a commercial complex or park, synthetic grass makes sense for so many reasons.  Beyond the fact that you’ll eliminate the need for maintenance while saving money on water bills is the biggest reason of all to go artificial; namely a yard that is in immaculate condition every day of the year.  Sometimes it doesn’t pay to keep it real.  Check in with Southwest Greens of Virginia and see what going artificial can do for you.

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